Rumble Sports Jonas Mågård (5-3) will be seeking his fifth straight win in the cage. Coming off a monster KO at MMA Galla 2 earlier in the month, the Shark returns for Octagon Athletes 3 this Saturday in Copenhagen at Korsgadehallen.

Maagard Finding HIs Punching Power

“Headlining a fightcard is always a big thing.  You get to close the show and live up to whatever fights there have been before you that night.  This is especially a big thing for me this time because the event is located in the area of Copenhagen that took me in when I came to Copenhagen five years ago and have been my hood since, so I’m very pumped for this fight!” says the Dane to

“Beating up this dude fighting Zsolt Fényes is going to be a good fight for me.  The guy shows a lot of fighter heart when he fights and he is a physical strong fighter.” says the fighter that snapped a three fight winning streak last May, and has stopped four straight opponents.

“He is not coming all the way to Denmark just to lose without a fight and I know he will do all he can get that W.”

“I see my self as a better athlete I have a strong team behind me and I’m more ready than ever!” says the Dane that will face a 6 win and 12 loss fighter from Hungary.

After three submissions wins, the featherweight changed things with a KO in his last outing.  “I’m in a good winning streak and after my last fight I feel more comfortable after my Ko win at last fight I always knew I had power and my coaches have always told me that if I trusted my self more and let my hands go people would fall like flies.”

“I have a feeling that this winning streak will keep on for a long time I’m a much more mature and complete fighter then I was a year ago.” says Magard.