After the news came out that Royal Arena 3 was cancelled, MMA Viking was in touch with Royal Arena matchmaker Tue K. Trnka who was already trying to make these fights happen at other events.  “We need the help of other promotors to help the fighters. These are high quality match-ups, and hopefully they will interest all major Nordic promoters” said Dane Trnka.

The Royal Arena 3 Card
The Royal Arena 3 Card

“Right now, I’m trying to rebook major fights in other events. Sirwan Kakai’s bout with Spaniard Jose Luis Zapater has already been booked for IRFA 4 in Stockholm Sweden on the same date of Royal Arena 3 of March 9th. I’ve received valuable help from others managers, such as Manos Terzitane and Babak Aghavali, who’re trying to get some of these fights re-scheduled to other events.”

Trnka pointed out that Kessel could’ve done, what many other promoters have done in the past, which is to go ahead with the event, and then maybe not be able to pay the fighters after the show. “Accepting defeat as a gentlemen” continues Trnka about Kessel’s move to “do the right thing” now.

“The fighters are bummed… We are all bummed out.” says Trnka who has now put all his energy into getting the bouts elsewhere. Many promotions have reached out to the promotion, and Superior Challenge and Cage Warriors among others have been seeing what they can do to help with the situation.”

“If promotors are interested in making these fights happen, please contact me” says Trnka who is also a long-time trainer, boxing/mma commentator, and Rumble Sports founder.  Contact by email tue {at} or by Facebook (Tue Kutsikitsoq Trnka) to reach Trnka.