The Olympic wrestler Mark O. Madsen made his MMA debut tonight at EUMMA 6, and it didn’t even take a minute. After some sloppy combinations from opponent Philipp Henze (0-1-0), Madsen quickly closed the distance and secured the bodylock and easily tossed the German fighter up high, sending him crashing down the canvas, clearly doing damage. Here is our play-by-play of the bout:


Madsen quickly grabs a hold of Henze with a body lock. Madsen lifts up Henze and slams him down to the mat, landing in side-mount. Madsen rains down huge hammerfists. The referee looks closely but doesn’t step in. Madsen steps into half-guard and continues to ground and pound. The referee has seen enough and steps in.

Mark O. Madsen MMA
Madsen Celebrating Easy Win in MMA Debut