Today the Finnish welterweight Glenn Sparv (12-3) made it official that he has signed for the top pacific region promotion Pacific Xtreme Combat or the PXC, and he is eager to get in the cage to start making name for himself.  “I’m expected to have my first fight very soon, all the details are not confirmed but I will start my year within a couple of months.” says Teddy Bear to

Also fighting in the PXC welterweight division and their current champion is the Swede Zebaztian Kadestam (7-2) someone who Sparv is very eager to heave his chance with.

“Yeah I not only see my self challenging Kadestam, I see myself taking that belt. No one else in that division have been able to do it so they called in the cavalry…. me.”

For the past years, since 2012 Sparv have been living and training in Asia and training at AKA in Thailand and with his current 5 fight win streak he knows just how important it is to make no mistakes. “PXC got a big following here in Asia and you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so I’m gonna come in and try to f@#k things up a little bit in my division”