Dane Christian Colombo will look for the Nordic’s first heavyweight victory in the Octagon in Brazil. Gozilla shared an instagram of him facing off with Brazilian Luis Henrique de Oliveira on the UFN 100 in São Paulo.

***Fight Announcement*** Christian Colombo vs. Luis Henrique de Oliveira UFN 100 in São Paulo, Brazilië. (Nov. 19, 2016). Ginásio do Ibirapuera. Heavyweight Fight (265 lbs) Christian "Godzilla" Colombo Record : 8-1-1 (UFC 0-0-1) Geb.Datum : NB. Land : Denemarken. Twitter : @GodzillaColombo UFC Ranking : – Gym : Combat Sports Academy. Notable Wins : Andreas Kraniotakes, Tom Sasaki & Wieslaw Kwasniewski. UFC Titels : Geen. Bonus : Geen. Luis Henrique KLB Record : 9-2-0-1 (UFC 1-1-0-0) Geb.Datum : 21 Augustus 1993. Land : Brazilië. Twitter : @LuisklbMMA UFC Ranking : – Gym : Infight, Tata Fight Team, Rizzo RVT & American Top Team. Notable Wins : Dmitriy Smoliakov, Armando Sixel & Joao Paulo dos Santos. UFC Titels : Geen. Bonus : Geen.

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The Renegade MMA fighter went to a decision in his UFC debut with a 28-28, 28-28 a majority draw versus Jarjis Danho. It was an illegal knee resulting in a point deduction causing the draw.


Oliveira is only 23 years old and has a 9 win, 2 loss, and 1 N/C record. He is 1 win and 1 loss in the UFC, beating Dmitry Smoliakov at UFC on Fox 20 back in July. He now trains out of ATT.


“I am too old to wait” says the 36 year old fighter to MMAViking.com about getting a bout quickly after his debut. The card will be headlined by another viking in Alexander Gustafsson who will be facing Antônio Rogerio Nogueira.