Swede Niklas Bäckström (7 wins, 0 losses, 1 N/C, #3 Nordic Featherweight) is ready and willing to face Tom Niinimäki (21 wins, 5 losses, #1 Nordic Featherweight) who is left without an opponent after an injury to original opponent Thiago Tavares. “He’s going to get knocked out.” says Backstrom to MMAViking.com after seeing there was an opportunity to fight Niinimäki and get his shot in the UFC.

Niklas Bäckström
Bäckström Training with Niinimaki

“I want to show the best in Scandinavia and Europe. It’s nothing personal.” says the Allstars Training Center who aspires to be the best in the world. “He’s standing in my way.”

The undefeated fighter out of Luleå, Sweden attracted a lot of attention with his recent highlight-reel 15 second front kick stoppage at Europa MMA over Max Coga from Germany who came into the bout at 9 wins and 1 loss.

“Let’s make this happen” says Backstrom. “I want to get in the UFC.”

While the two did train together at HILTI Stockholm a few years back, as the FinnFighters Gym visited from Finland for some training and vacationing. “It’s not like we have a big bond.” says Backstrom, who is willing to fight Niinimaki, whom he says is a “really nice guy”.

UFC Fight Night 41 takes place in just over two weeks at the 02 World Arena in Berlin, Germany.  “I’m already ready” says the Swede about taking a fight on such short notice.

Teammate Magnus Cedenblad from Allstars Training Center is also set to fight on the card.