Thomas Jessing (2-1) has already booked his return fight after suffering his first loss a few weeks ago at LF 7.  The Artesuave welterweight will now face Kevin Suzanne (0-1) out of France. talks to Jessing about his learnings from his last bout and the new matchup.



What did you learn from your last fight and suffering your first loss?
I could have won the fight, but I need to improve on my adaptability.  I come to finish my opponents before time one way or the other. But I need to control my killer instinct by being more patient so I can change strategies during the fights faster.

My self esteem is still strong as always. I come to win. You know it was a very tuff and experienced opponent I had in front of me. It took the undefeated UFC middleweight Tom Breese two rounds to put him away. And I went the distance with him. Good things has come out of this. I have faced very strong opposition early in my MMA career and people respect that. And I have brought attention to myself on British soil.

Jessing wins by submission
Jessing wins by submission

A guy had been following my training for a while, the opponents I fought and paid notice to my general approach to my career, and he came and offered to become my manager. He believes there is great potential, and I have the ability to go all the way. So we have the same vision. I’m in this to go to the UFC, and get the belt. That’s what I am going to do.

Tell us about your new opponent Kevin Suzanne.
My next opponent is different because so far I have dealt with top level bjj practioners, but this guy has a very dangerous stand up game. I will bring some new stuff this time. A little bit of everything with a twist. And you can be sure I will look for the finish from all distances.